October 09, 2013

dookke:design at the "Festival Internacional de Diseño de Buenos Aires"

Our hanging lamp Lasso  will be presented at the "Festival Internacional de Diseño de Buenos Aires" (18-20 october 2013)

DMY, diseño alemán en Buenos Aires: DMY, uno de los festivales más importantes del mundo, estará acompañando la edición 2013 del Festival Internacional de Diseño con lo mejor del diseño. Desde mobiliario hasta joyería contemporánea, se podrá recorrer una enriquecedora muestra que contempla lo más avanzando e innovador del diseño alemán.

August 15, 2013

dookke:design at the Design Weekend in Sao Paulo

The Berlin Design Selection South America will start today with the first stop at Sao Paulo Design Weekend, in cooperation with Design House.
We are visiting the design affine city until August 18th.
The hand-picked selection shows objects by designers living and working in Berlin.
From geometric materials to modular lights, the collection marks both, the wide range and particular approaches of Berlin's vibrant creative design scene.

Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva,

224 Jardim Paulista
São Paulo - SP - BRASIL
Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00

July 26, 2013

dokke:design at the GQ magazin

DESIGN IDEA at the GQ magazin:

"Desk Unit" von Charles und Ray Eames aus dem Jahr 1949. Passend dazu die Lampe "Lasso" von dookke:design" (GQ, Mai 2013 p.98)